Coriolis Flow Calibration

Coriolis Flow Calibration – True dynamic mass flow measurement with ±0.02% expanded uncertainty

Our Coriolis flow calibration services are unmatched in the metrology field and surpass all other flow calibration laboratories by offering high-quality service with a faster turnaround time. Polycontrols mass flow calibration services support all major brands of Coriolis Flow Meters such as Micro-Motion and Endress & Hauser.

ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 Coriolis flow calibration report meeting the industry’s highest standards, including biomedical, pharmaceutical and aerospace regulatory requirements

Polycontrols metrologists and engineers have developed a primary standard flow calibration system based on the dynamic gravimetric principle. This high-precision ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration system has been primarily designed for the calibration of Coriolis mass flowmeters as its measurement is certified with an impressive ±0.02% expanded uncertainty. This calibration method offers many advantages over traditional start and stop systems; a Coriolis calibration in true mass flow, eliminate response time issues & instability measurement, and a calibration with customer specific requirements with a total compliance to the product specifications.

Micro-Motion Coriolis Calibration Specialist

Polycontrols can perform firmware revision, indicator replacement & troubleshooting on your Micro-Motion flowmeter.

Other advantages of Polycontrols service

  • 2-weeks standard turnaround time, expedited service available
  • Coriolis Premium calibration with 0,05% tolerance available
  • Density metering available
  • Adjustments for all major brands
    • Micro-Motion Elite CMF & CMFS Series
    • Micro-Motion T, H, F & R Series
    • Endress & Hauser
    • Siemens
    • Khrone
    • Tricor
    • And more
  • Volumetric calibration available with 0,021% O.R. expanded uncertainty

All our procedures are certified according to ISO / IEC 17025 standards for measurement in the range 0.378 kg / min to 1100 kg / min. Polycontrols also has the capability to calibrate Coriolis flowmeters up to 4″ diameter fittings (or 10.16cm) at no extra charge, always with the same guarantee of satisfaction and compliance, and in accordance with the specific requirements of each of our customers.