Fluid Control, Gas Mixer & Gas Distribution Systems

Project Portfolio

From stand-alone instrument panels & assemblies that need basic, reliable functionality to complex integrated systems that control critical operations, Polycontrols has the expertise to deliver quality projects meeting your most demanding requirements in gas and fluid control. Our project portfolio includes (but is not limited to) systems in the following areas:


  • Gas mixers for specialty gases
  • Gas distribution panels
  • Gas recycling
  • Samples conditioning units
  • Controlled atmosphere

Petrochemistry & Chemistry

  • Chemical feed injection systems
  • Gas and fluid control
  • Dissolution systems
  • Ions-exchange process
  • Organic compounds preparation process


  • Bioreactor Integration
  • Integrated process skids
  • System revamps for pre-commercialization
  • System extension


  • Test equipment
  • Calibration equipment

Manufacturing Operations

  • Batch gas & fluid control and blending
  • Intrinsically safe and Class 1 systems

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Full Size Test Facility

Polycontrols offers its customers the opportunity to test their systems in one of our four in-house dedicated test facilities. Our standard facility accommodates small and medium-size projects and our large capacity facility offers our customers a 4000 square foot dedicated and controlled environment to ensure the confidentiality of their process.

We are UL registered, accredited under ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 17015 to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our test results and registered to Controlled Goods for the defense industry. Audits are conducted on a regular basis to maintain our registration and ensure continuous compliance with recognized international standards related to gas & fluid control.

Our Technical Team

Polycontrols combines in-house engineering & manufacturing capacity to maximize product quality and reduce fabrication costs.

Our main objective is to respond to our customer’s specific requirements and offer value-added services based on our expertise in gas and fluid control and the quality of our services. Our customers appreciate our personalized services and our ability to meet their respective requirements, in a timely manner.