We Boost Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Into Full-Scale Production!

About PolyCSAM

Polycontrols Technologies, Inc. is a corporation with over 40 years of experience in instrumentation, calibration, and the development & implementation of manufacturing solutions. In collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada-NRC, we have created PolyCSAM with the objective of improving accessibility of cold spray additive manufacturing for our industrial clients. By de-risking the development and the adoption of the technology, we help them become more competitive globally.

PolyCSAM is a world-class, cold spray, hybrid additive manufacturing demonstrator facility integrating advanced surface preparation techniques, material deposition, in-situ robotic machining & surface finishing, heat treatment, and data analytics/machine learning-based process control. Designed and operated in an industry 4.0 spirit, PolyCSAM offers a fully digital manufacturing environment and allows for the manufacturing & repair of parts and assemblies with sizes ranging from a few cm to several meters in length, and weight ranging from a few Kg to hundreds of Kg.

The Value Proposition

PolyCSAM is a unique technology platform that closes the gap between the lab & a full-scale manufacturing environment by:

  • De-risking the development & validation phase for its clients
  • Reducing the time-to-deployment and time-to-market of the solutions developed
  • Allowing the fabrication of full-scale prototypes & components for validation, certification, and / or demonstration purposes
  • Allowing the manufacture or repair of large structural components through the synergetic use of multiple cutting-edge technologies
  • Offering advanced personnel training
  • Offering production backup/overload services

NRC’s reputation in the relevant areas of cold spray, robotic machining, artificial intelligence and advanced materials is well established. This vast expertise, combined with Polycontrols’ reputation and concrete achievements in the field of thermal/cold spray and robotics represents a major asset for manufacturers who automatically get access to a pool of more than 60 experts in the field.

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Leadership at PolyCSAM

Luc Pouliot - PolyCSAM

Director – PolyCSAM
CEO | Co-Owner | Polycontrols
Tel.: (450) 444-3600 x312 | M. (514) 865-5763

Dr. Eric Irissou - National Research Council Canada

Team Leader, Thermal Spray
National Research Council Canada
Tel.: (438) 992-8903

Mme. Fernanda Caio - PolyCSAM

Operations Manager – PolyCSAM
Polycontrols Technologies Inc.
Tel.: (438) 398-4758

Dr. Manuel Martin - National Research Council Canada

Technical Leader-Additive Manufacturing
for Mass Customization
National Research Council Canada
Tel.: (450) 641-5356

Sylvain Desaulniers - Polycontrols

President & CFO | Co-Owner
Polycontrols Technologies Inc.
Tel.: (450) 444-3600 x301  |  M. (514) 895-4461

Dr. Jorg Oberste Berghaus - National Research Council Canada

Senior Research Officer & Technical Leader
National Research Council Canada
Tel.: (514) 794-5893

CSAM Process Advantages

The Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing process has several advantages over other 3D printing techniques:

  • No part size restrictions
  • No HAZ (Heat Affected Zone), so no damage to substrate or part
  • Multi-materials capability
  • Can be fully robotized
  • Batch production: from rapid prototyping to cost-effective manufacturing.
  • High deposit rate (several kg/h)
  • Build on existing parts
  • Customization of components produced by traditional/Mass production methods
  • Easily combined with conventional techniques such as machining & forging
  • Promoting a circular economy thanks to a Sustainable Process

Several Available Materials

At PolyCSAM, we currently spray the following materials:

  • Al & alloys
  • Ti & alloys
  • Cu & alloys
  • Ni
  • Carbon steel
  • Tools steel
  • Stainless steel

Our Facilities

PolyCSAM – Boucherville

Photo Gallery

Aluminum for Light Weighting Applications

Spraying of pure Al on Al6061

Al6061 as sprayed by Cold Spray

Pure Al on Al6061 (as sprayed)

Al6061 part manufactured by CSAM

Pure Al on Al6061 (after machining)

Antiviral Coatings for High-Touch Surfaces

Antiviral coating for high touch surfaces by Cold Spray

Copper-Coated Industrial Door Knob

Copper coated door handle by Cold Spray

Copper-Coated Residential Door Handle

ITSC Presentation

Stiffeners for Aerospace & Surface Transportation Applications

Al Stiffeners

Cu Stiffeners