Gas Mixers and Gas Panels for Combustibles, Corrosive, Special Atmosphere and Cryogenic Applications

Polycontrols has manufactured gas mixer as well as gas mixers for a variety of applications including combustibles, corrosive and cryogenic applications. Our expertise in handling specialty gases and chemicals has led us to provide safe, efficient, and reliable gas and fluid systems. Our gas mixers and panels are available with a variety of options enabling custom design and operational flexibility.

Fuels & Oxidants

Polycontrols manufactures custom gas mixers and panels for a variety of applications requiring oxygen-enriched atmosphere or flammable gases. All our systems meet the ASME, NFPA and UL regulations.

We offer in-situ oxygen cleaning services to ensure an adequate contamination control of oxygen systems. Our dedicated installations and our controlled cleaning operational procedures are in accordance with standard practices for cleaning methods and cleanliness levels ASTM G 93, Verification Type I, Test 1 through 4.

Polycontrols Fuels and oxidants
Polycontrols CO2 and Cryogenic

CO2 & Cryogenic

Polycontrols offers CO2 injection systems meant to provide constant pH levels. Systems are available in several standard designs to promote the safe handling and control of Cryogenic gases. Our systems are UL approved, CRN listed and meet Hazard Class 2 – Cryogenic Systems requirements.

SO2 & Corrosive Gases

Polycontrols has developed a unique expertise to handle toxic and corrosive gases. In addition to safety features and interlocks required to safely handle harsh gases, our SO2 gas mixer combines improved stability and advanced process control.

Our corrosive gas mixers are designed and tested to perfectly fit specific requirements of the Magnesium industry. The wide capacity and flexibility of our design allows us to convert existing plants using fluorinated cover gases (SF6-based) without disrupting their production. The economy associated with the operation with the SO2 translates into a strong competitive advantage for the magnesium industry.

Since our participation with the USEPA SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership program, we have completed many major worldwide gas conversion projects including:

  • Hot chamber furnaces
  • Cold chamber furnaces
  • Melting & Dosing furnaces
  • Recycling units
  • Alloying units
  • Ingot casting machines
  • Primary metal production plants
  • Sand casting molds
Polycontrols Gas Mixing System with Bubbler (CO2, N2, SO2, H2O, HCL, HF, NO, COS, CO) NASA
Polycontrols Gas mixing system for the production of a special atmosphere - Venus (CO2, N2, SO2, H2O, HCL, HF, NO, COS, CO, NASA)

HF & Aggressive Chemicals

Polycontrols provides gas panels and develops custom-engineered systems to handle toxic, corrosive, and challenging gases & chemicals. We offer a wide range of panels and gas mixers for corrosive gases to several industries:

  • Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing
  • Research
  • Defence
  • Semiconductor

We offer expert application advice and complete integrated gas mixers & panels for challenging chemicals. We provide complete solutions that include design, integration, manufacturing, certifications, testing and more. Our expertise in handling specialty gases and chemicals has been translated into providing safe, efficient, and reliable gas mixing systems in some of the most difficult gas panel applications. All our gas mixers and gas panels meet the ASME, CGA and UL regulations.

Organic Compound & Novec 612

3M™ Novec™ 612 Magnesium Protection Fluid is a fluorinated ketone liquid that, once vaporized, produces an effective cover gas for protecting molten Magnesium from oxidation. As many specialty fluids, 3M™ Novec™ 612 requires extremely low concentration of gas mixtures.

Polycontrols has a long tradition as a manufacturer of innovative products for specialty fluids that have unique intrinsic properties. Over the years, Polycontrols has successfully executed gas conversion projects to 3M™ Novec™ 612 on many brands of casting machines and Mg furnaces.

Polycontrols Automatic gas control unit for annealing furnaces (N2, CO2, CO, H2) Corem

HFC-134a & Am-Cover

Some gases have such low vapor pressure that they can easily liquify due to their interaction with the environment. Over the years, Polycontrols developed an acute expertise to deal with such gases. As an example, As HFC-134a (R-134a) is a very sensitive refrigerant gas with a low vapor pressure, full scale production systems therefore need a strong immunity against external environment variations. Our extensive experience with gases that have propensity to liquefaction enabled us to realize the largest gas conversion project to AM-cover (HFC-134a) since the commercialisation of the process.

AM-Cover is a patented cover gas system developed by the former Australian Magnesium Corporation and CAST for protection of molten Magnesium from ignition and excessive oxidation. It was developed to replace the common SF6 cover gas mixtures, which are being banned in most nations due to their severe environmental impact.

Special Atmosphere

We manufacture gas mixers and gas panels for a variety of applications requiring a sub-ambient or oxygen-enriched atmosphere. Each gas mixer & gas panel is tested and calibrated at its own specific operating conditions to ensure perfect integration.

Polycontrols Milk deoxygenation and inerting unit (CO2)
Polycontrols Automated sample preparation system for KmNO4

Sampling & Conditioning

Polycontrols engineers and manufactures systems for delivering representative sample stream to process analyzers. Our fast loop systems are engineered to:

  • Ensure the homogeneity and the representativeness of the sample
  • avoid dead volumes so that the sample is constantly updated
  • Filter only the fraction of the media to analyze without accumulated particles and contaminants
  • Meet Class I, II and III, divisions 1 and 2
  • Include Positive Material Identification (PMI) to meet the requirements of the petrochemical industry

Test Benches for Gas and Fluids

With a long tradition as a manufacturer of innovative products for the gas industry, Polycontrols has developed close partnerships with government laboratories, universities and corporate research centers. Our engineering staff is available for research and development testing.

We can accommodate flow testing and comparison of products, as well as assist in the design of flow systems. Our non-reliance on a specific type of technique allows us to be objective and nonbiased on any one technology. Moreover, our know-how and our fabrication facilities allow us to fast prototype custom systems.

Polycontrols Test benches for gas and fluids