Powder Feeders for Precise Applications

Our proprietary dry powder feeder and suspensions feeder platform is meant to considerably reduce or eliminate the typical fluidizing & clogging issues encountered with most commercially available devices.

Whether you need to feed ultra-fine (even sub-micron) ceramics, cold spray metallic powders that are difficult to fluidize, or liquid suspensions up to a very high weight % load, we have a solution for you.

Our powder feeder models ensure stable feeding all the way from a few grams up to 500g per minute for some demanding additive manufacturing applications.

Finally, they can either be used as stand-alone devices, or fully integrated with commercially available spray controller systems.

Powder Feeders for Cold Spray

PolyCSAM Powder feeder for Cold Spray
PolyCSAM Powder feeder for SPS

Powder Feeders SPS