Increasing Particles Velocity with Efficient Helium Gas Mixer

It is common knowledge in fluid dynamics that decreasing the density of a gas traveling inside a nozzle will increase its velocity exponentially.  This is exactly what happens when we add helium to a nitrogen gas stream in Cold Spray. That increased velocity is highly beneficial for materials featuring a high critical deposition velocity. Especially, it is of paramount importance for corrosion and wear-resistant coatings.

Polycontrols offers N2 and Helium gas mixers that can provide a specific and precise helium/N2 gas mixture to increase gas velocity and deposition efficiency, especially for applications where the cost is critical and, therefore, the use of pure He is not an option.   One should note that our N2 and Helium gas mixers can be retrofitted into most commercially available Cold Spray systems.

Polycontrols Dynamic gas blending system CO2 and air

Dynamic N2 and Helium Gas Mixer