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Polycontrols has nearly 40 years of experience in flow measurement. This experience encompasses all aspects of flow measurement, including instruments selection, sales engineering, maintenance, calibration and on-site support. Our expertise in the flow measurement of gases and fluids, as well as our exclusive partnerships with renowned manufacturers, give us a strong advantage for applications that require in-depth customer support. We pride ourselves in both the ability to find the right instrument for your application, to integrate it, and to support it over time.

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Polycontrols Dynamic gas blending system CO2 and air

Instrument Panels & Assemblies

Designed for accurate and specific regulation purposes, our instrument panels & assemblies allow for precise concentration of gas mixtures and fine dosage of specialty fluids.  Entirely designed and manufactured in our facilities, those custom instrument panels and assemblies are tested and certified to comply with the highest certifications in North America.

Our team has extensive experience in the application, installation, and servicing of instruments and can provide in-depth answers to your questions related to the flow measurement and control of fluids and gases.

Since we design & manufacture completely all our instrument panels and assemblies, our customers benefit from the close partnerships between our team & the instrument manufacturers, from design to performance tests, in order to obtain cost-effective solutions with the quality and integrity that they expect.

Gas Mixer & Gas Distribution Systems

Polycontrols is proud of its three decades track record in developing and manufacturing gas mixers and gas distribution systems for various industries. Our experience with specialty gases and fluids gives us a strong competitive edge in applications that require precise concentration of mixtures such as:

  • Gas mixers for specialty gases
  • Gas distribution systems
  • MFC mixing systems
  • Gas blenders for OEM application
  • Chemicals dosing systems
  • Samples conditioning units
  • Liquid vaporizer and fluid delivery systems
  • Gas systems for Pyrometallurgy lab
  • Custom flow metering and chemical injection skids

Our facilities are fully accredited to national and international standards, and our personnel has all core disciplines in-house – fluid dynamics, instrumentation, sensors, controls, electrical, mechanical and HMI/SCADA software development – to carry out custom projects according to schedule and budget. You benefit from the complete solution, whatever the gas & fluids application or the level of automation of the fluid system you are looking for.

Polycontrols Industrial gas injection assembly
Polycontrols Gas mixer for specialty gases

Specialty Gases and Applications

At Polycontrols, we understand that flow measurement and conditioning systems are a critical part of your process. Whether it is for precise flow measurement of one parameter, temperature control of a gas, or for high-pressure fluid injection, our team can customize a system to meet your specific requirements: