Calibration Specialists for Gas Flowmeters and Flow Controllers

Polycontrols has emerged over the years as the leading expert in thermal mass flow technology. We have mastered and set higher standards for the calibration of gas flow meters and controllers.

We are also a leader for the calibration of gas meters, such as American Meter (Elster), having developed a unique procedure for diaphragms and rotary meters.

Our standard calibration gases include Dry Air, (D.P -40C), Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, Helium and Hydrogen. We can calibrate all major brands and most gas flow technologies including:

  • Thermal mass flow meter & controller
  • Diaphragm and rotary gas meter
  • Laminar flow element
  • Coriolis flow meter for gases
  • Sonic flow sensors
  • Turbine flow meter
  • Rotameter / Variable area meter
  • Orifice plate, nozzle, differential pressure and much more

Repair, Resize, Upgrade or Refurbish

Repairing a flow meter can only be done by an expert. Polycontrols offers the most professional service when it comes to the refurbishing of your instruments. Thanks to the expertise acquired over the last 35 years, our metrology technicians have mastered not only the calibration but also the necessary techniques to make most repairs on popular thermal mass flow meters and controllers. More specifically we are able to;

  • Upgrade or rescale the flow range
  • Recalibrate under new operating conditions
  • Replace defective parts with our 2000 spare parts inventory
  • Disassemble, clean and decontaminate the instrument
  • Clean and degrease for Oxygen service

Gas meters have moving parts that are subject to wear and adjustments might be required during routine maintenance and calibration. That’s why we also offer maintenance and repair of internal mechanical parts in order to deliver an instrument with precise readings that can be returned to service.

Our specialists are able to perform modifications or refurbishing on most brands of flow meters

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