Liquid and Gas Flow Calibration

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
  • Unique 4:1 Test Uncertainty Ratio with a ±0.02% expanded uncertainty
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited
  • Fastest turnaround time on the market with 2-weeks standard
  • True mass flow measurement with primary gravimetric system

Gas Flow Meters

  • Thermal mass flow technology specialists
  • Certified procedure for calibration in totalization of diaphragm and rotary meters
  • Accredited calibration scope from as low as 0,5 SCCM up to 6000 SLPM
  • High-pressure and high flow calibration up to 3600 psi(g)
  • 26 flow standards to provide the widest range of gas flow calibration services
Gas Flow Meters

Hydraulic Fluids, Solvants & Oils Flow Meters

Hydraulic Fluids, Solvants & Oils Flow Meters
  • Primary standard flow calibration system to calibrate and prove turbine and gear flow meters
  • High accuracy Viscosity & Density measurement traceable to ASTM Standards
  • UVC (Universal Viscosity Curve) calibration for temperature sensitive turbine flow meters

Liquid Volumetric Flow Meters

  • High accuracy transfer standard liquid flow calibration system
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited for volumetric & mass flow measurement
  • Service on all major brands of: Electromagnetic, mechanical and positive displacement for non- lubricant fluids; tube meters & rotameters; vortex, ultrasonic and other types of volumetric flow meters from 0.378 up to 1,100 LPM (290 GPM)
Liquid Volumetric Flow Meters
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Customer Service with a Human Touch

Our main objective is to meet our customer specific requirements by executing precise and reliable flow metrology services in a timely manner. Our services include:

  • Live communication channels: Ask for updates or file special requests at any time
  • 10-day service for standard calibration and expedited service for emergencies
  • Detailed “as-found” and “as-left” calibration report including notifications and any observations of out-of-tolerance conditions
  • Adjustments on major brands with various proprietary calibration software
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 calibrations report meeting the industry standards, including biomedical and aerospace regulatory requirements
  • ASTM cleaning procedure for Oxygen service (O2 Clean)
  • Repair, resizing and refurbishing of all major brands of flow meters
  • Extensive inventory of instruments and spare parts
  • Liquid density metering, viscosity & density calibration available

Flow Calibration Services

Water, Liquid and Gas Flow

Our 18 000 square foot facility is home to a team of experienced process engineers and metrologists who can improve your process and help you maximize your plant productivity. With one of the largest flow calibration scopes in North America, for all types of fluids (inert gases, combustible & corrosives gases, specialties gases, fuels, oils, solvents and water), Polycontrols offers tailored solutions for all your flow calibration needs.

Polycontrols Flow Meter Calibration services
Polycontrols Calibration services

Technical Team

Over the years we have built a reputation of delivering expert advice and extended in-depth customer support thanks to hard work, rigor and passion.

Offering flow calibration services in-house for all flow metering technologies – Thermal mass, Coriolis,  Vortex, Laminar, Volumetric, Variable Area, ultrasonic, Turbine, Orifice plate and Nozzle, Differential Pressure, Diaphragm and Rotary type flow meter – allows our team to balance and coordinate quickly, efficiently and with a common focus: Produce precise and reliable results, on-budget, on schedule and day after day.

Calibration Capabilities

Our calibration facility can calibrate your instruments within the following ranges:

• Gases: 5 sccm to 6000 slpm, air-equivalent or nitrogen
• Liquids:

• 0,378 kg/min to 1100 kg/min (mass flow calibration)
• 0,378 l/min to 1100 l/min (volumetric flow calibration)
• Density: from 500 kg/m³ to 1020 kg/m³

Our installations use a wide range of calibration fluids for optimal compatibility:

• Gases: Air, N², Ar, He, H², & CO²
• Liquids: Water, MIL-C-7024 T2 and Oil (BP 2380)

Polycontrols Flow calibration software