Fuels, Oils and Hydraulic Fluids Calibration

Primary Standard Calibrator for Viscous Fluids

Perfect system to calibrate and prove turbine and gear flow meters used for fuels, oils or hydraulic fluid.

Performance and Reliability

Mechanical flow meters have sensitive moving parts and bearings that will degrade over time and will eventually have a major impact on meter performance and accuracy. Therefore, it is critical that periodic maintenance and calibration be performed to ensure adequate measurements and to prevent out-of-tolerance results.  Polycontrols’ metrologists can perform bearing replacement on all major turbine meter manufacturers such as, FTI (Flow Technology Inc), Cox Instruments (Badger Meter) and Hoffer.

Accuracy and stability

Our ballistic primary standard calibrator is the perfect system to calibrate and prove turbine and gear flow meters used with fuels, hydraulic fluids or oils. It is specifically designed to offer exceptional accuracy and stability. Standard calibration fluids include: Solvents, MIL-7024 Type II, and many oil blends for specific viscosities.

We use Flow Technology’s Omnitrak positive displacement technology designed with high precision chrome plated stainless steel cylinder and piston to move oils blends and solvents used for calibration. The volumetric flow measurement is taken with a high-resolution encoder to achieve performance of 0.05% (O.R.) for flow measurement. This proven and fully automated system provides performance and reliability while reducing your calibration costs thanks to the efficiency and rapidity of this calibration technology.

Our traceability to mass (pph and Kg/h) is supported by high precision standards, such as an Anton Paar SVM3001 viscometer and a DMA4500 density meter, both meeting the requirements of the Aerospace industry. Our methodology for the measurement of kinematic viscosity is conforms to ASTM standards and our calibration capability for density is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, with an accuracy of 0.03Kg/m3, meeting the requirements for most waters, oils and solvents available on the market (500 kg/m3 to 1020 kg/m3).

UVC Calibration

Since turbine meters signal output is dependent on the viscous drag exerted by the fluid, process with significant temperature changes can significantly affect the meter performance and accuracy. Polycontrols can perform calibrations with multiples fluids with different viscosities and apply UVC (Universal Viscosity Curves) principals when required. A calibration report with Strouhal & Roshko coefficient available.


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